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Sir Isaac Hackwrench, Founder and CEO, Hackwrench GmbH, Hackwrench USA

The only public sighting of Sir Isaac Hackwrench since the IPO.

The only public sighting of Sir Isaac Hackwrench since the IPO.

Sir Isaac had one vision since birth: A company, Hackwrench GmbH.

Sir Isaac Hackwrench first started making music with computers in 1976, to raise money for a cat he eventually planned to purchase. By 1982 Hackwrench GmbH had been formed, primarily as a means of supporting New-wave bands. From the beginning, the technology, originally marketed under the traditional family name of Hackenschlüssel, was a success.

Hackwrench (neé Hackenschlüssel) became synonymous with the growth of computers in modern music, originally with a modest line of Hackwrench computer-music products. Nicknamed "Hacks" by many producers and musicians in the industry, the term stuck in popular culture. A study by Stanford University found the following characteristics of these products to be tied strongly with their success:

* Excessive smugness
* Irreverence towards big business
* Elegance in design
* Alienation from 95% of Americans, considering them inferior

Family History

Sir Isaac Hackwrench descended from a long line of Jewish artisans and business owners from Western Europe. Prior to the Second World War, much of the family emigrated to the United States, with many changing the family name Hackenschlüssel to the more common current form, Hackwrench. As an homage to his ancestry, Sir Isaac named and trademarked several products under the Hackenschlüssel name. (Now part of Hackwrench GmbH.)

On another inspirational note, shortly after their famous breakup in 1970, Sir Isaac befriended most members of the Beatles, sharing his musical interests with the icons of the historical group. John Lennon had been a strong supporter of Hackwrench, and it was shortly after his unfortunate death in 1980 that Sir Isaac took the inspiration from that which Lennon had taught him about the music industry, and Hackwrench GmbH was officially formed. When asked recently about what he thought Lennon's most lasting influence on Hackwrench GmbH might be, Sir Isaac noted that, "Lennon once said he was more popular than God, which wasn't true then but certainly is today."

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