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Henry Switzer, CFO Hackwrench GmbH
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From the dark and dingy germination germs that spawned the Silicon Valley come a VERY interesting fellow. Henry Switzer. Molecular master mind from the dump truck philatio driving school right to your ass with a kick! He was forged in these streets from gangs and guts. Defying all. Surviving everything from attempts on his life to losing friends to drugs and death. He likes to talk about such abstract things as how funny the sound of bullets whizzing past your head to hustling dice in driveways, alleys and schools that would later be gone.
And then the germination began. Not many could survive and stay (It's not fun getting your house shot up everyday). He recently walked through a crowd of six enemies and stared down the whole bunch. He actually never saw them in that same area again. They looked down and seemed to look sad. They knew he would lay down the whole fucking bunch! They must have been sweating.
Henry adapted. He has reformed his ways and is geared toward self improvement, fitness and especially education. He feels that being smart and living well is what he deserves. Mom is going to be proud happy and well taken care of.
Of course if you have cared to read this long enough then Mr.H respects you enough to tell you that Henry is not his real name!